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First Invester worth clients based on their individual requirements, risk tolerance and time horizons. We are an independent asset management group and keep no retrocessions, rebates or other benefits from third party service providers, such as custodian banks, ensuring that we offer impartial advice, aligned with the interests of our clients.

Our investment processes and fee structures are entirely transparent and we believe that this transparency and the rebating of retrocessions to our clients differentiates us from most other wealth managers today.

We offer access to products and services to our investors. We listen to you, understand your financial goals and needs and then use internal and external research resources to deliver effective investment solutions and services that are customized for your requirements. Our clients also benefit directly from the expertise of our investment committee and our proprietary fusion analysis in our investment recommendations and asset allocation advice.

Choose from a full range of wealth management, investment management and insurance services—designed to help you manage, build, preserve and enjoy your wealth throughout your lifetime. Our goal is to help align your financial needs and goals with what really matters to you and your family.



First Invester is an independent, employee-owned investment company. Our wealth management involves highly customized and sophisticated investment-management and financial-planning services delivered to each type of worth investors.

Utilising the experience and networks of our investment professionals and founders, we are able to work with investment managers of the highest caliber, available to our investors.




A When you start trading with First Investor 4 U you’ll get everything you need to have a smooth and enjoyable trading experience. We offer a range of powerful trading platforms that allow you to trade instantly from live graphs and set a variety of orders, stops and limits to manage your investments. Stock market and mutual funds are a major investment area for Indian investors. With First Investor 4u Professional, you can manage share market and mutual fund transactions in a simple, intuitive manner. Stock market and mutual funds are a major investment area for Indian investors. With first Investor 4 U Professional, you can manage share market and mutual fund transactions in a simple, intuitive manner. First Investor 4 u helps you manage mutual fund investments in India. The software comes with built-in lists of mutual fund companies and their schemes. Apart from MF units purchase and sales transactions, you can also enter Systematic Investment / Transfer Plan (SIP / STP) and dividend reinvestments.

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